Saudi prince successor; A shrewd and ignorant young man!

2016/12/20 14:52

Obama, after meeting at Camp David with Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman, successor to the crown, said: "He is young and very talented with extensive circle of information. He seems smarter than his age.

USviewer: Prince Mohammed bin Salman (1985) king Salman’s beloved child that as soon as the power achievement of the Father, was promoted as secretary of defense, the successor to the crown and was appointed Chairman of the new Supervisory on economy.

Perhaps the reason that King Abdullah gave opportunity to bin Salman, is that half the population of Saudi Arabia are young and global equations have changed over the last three generations and certainly the elderly Saudis cannot deal with compatibility and changes.

Muhammad bin Salman is a shrewd and Machiavellian politician; he remotely controls internal reforms, without any charges being imposed on him. Consider following examples:

First: Improving the status of women and restoring some of their human and Islamic rights, was one of the goals of the Amir Mohammad in media activities. But how to deal with the extreme religious repression and widespread influence of Wahhabi scholars?

The answer is to be found in cyberspace. This is one of the tools Amir Salman applied for "debugging" the restoration of rights of Saudi women. The Prince Mohammed Bin Salman rather than engage with fanatical clerics, has given more space to women and even has launched his own online movement.

Second: reducing the power and influence of Wahhabism

The link between Saudi Princes and the Wahhabi clerics has been created since the Saudi royal establishment, but apparently the world charges on terrorism propagation is the most serious dilemma in the way of this cooperation. The time has come for coalition break between Saudi commanders and Wahhabi Extremist clerics.

Controversial Chechen conference in August 2016, with the aim of ousting Wahhabism from leading the Sunni world, and expelling Salafi from the Sunni circles were among these measures.

Following the publication of this news, analysts suggest that it is not unlikely that Prince Mohammed bin Salman is as designer and main sponsor of the conference. Mohammed bin Salman could well play with political factors without being in the scene, showing his acumen and perspicacity. But, on the other hand, the supremacy-seeking view and also being selfish and impatient were barriers on his way in political and economic success and attraction of loyal friends.


In other words, even though Bin Salman is a clever man, but the lack of adherence to moral principles and violation of basic rules governing the world of politics, will prevent the full realization of his goals. Yemen could witness the stupidity of the world's youngest Secretary of Defense.

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