Riveting as President-elect Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice-style cabinet selection process may be, we should not forget that President Barack Obama still has more than two weeks left in office.

The worldwide reach and vast range of products, brands and services owned by the extended Trump family members are orders of magnitude more complex than retired ExxonMobil Chief Executive Rex Tillerson?s holdings, which he has agreed to shed, with much of it going into a blind trust.

Billions of Christians around the world are excited to celebrate Christmas this weekend. Those in the world?s second-largest religious community, Muslims, don?t share quite the same excitement. In a few Muslim-majority countries, like Saudi Arabia, Brunei and Somalia, Christmas celebrations are banned. In Turkey, my country, they are not illegal, but some Islamist groups still organize annual protests against Christmas trees and Santa Claus costumes, which they consider Western impositions.

Obama, after meeting at Camp David with Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman, successor to the crown, said: "He is young and very talented with extensive circle of information. He seems smarter than his age.

On Friday, near Palmyra, 14 tanks and an anti-aircraft system were destroyed in an air strike on Isis. Palmyra recently fell to the jihadists after the Syrian regime and its allies diverted forces to Aleppo, leaving the ancient city under-defended.

Is adopting austerity measures will open the chaos of "Arab Spring" to the Persian Gulf and will tremble the palaces of Gulf kings and princes?

It seemed too soon, and the metaphor was too crude. In the third week of November, less than two weeks after the election, they were already erecting some new structure across the street from the White House. They had fenced off most of Pennsylvania Avenue. Visitors wanting to take pictures of the White House were impeded by a giant cage, in which the structure was going up. Dozens of construction signs decorated the fence and sent a clear message of exclusion and foreboding: Danger, Warning, Keep Out. On one of the signs, as if noting the sheer obviousness of it all, someone had written: “Is this art?”

The US election campaign was a bitter battle that left the country divided. While recent figures show 26.4% of the electorate backed Donald Trump and 26.5% backed Hillary Clinton (who won the popular vote), 42% of eligible voters didn?t vote at all.

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