Role of U.S. in China sea controversy

2016/12/08 15:21

The United States had virtually no response to previous building by Southeast Asian countries in the South China Sea, but has vigorously opposed China?s efforts. The U.S. Navy has operated continuously in the region since World War Two and, according to Defense Secretary Ash Carter, has every intention of continuing to do so.

USviewer: The United States will use its aircraft and naval vessels to assert freedom of navigation in the region, as demonstrated by the recent passage of the USS Fort Worth combat ship and the flight, by a U.S. Navy P-8 Poseidon surveillance aircraft, over the Chinese construction at Fiery Reef.

Beyond freedom of navigation missions, the United States is focused on strengthening regional allies. To do so, it will help boost its allies’ intelligence gathering and surveillance capabilities, and provide them with updated military hardware to counter China’s technical advantages in both quantity and quality. (The Philippines, the recipient of U.S. military assistance and training since World War Two, is sorely lacking in military hardware, having only two very old U.S. Coast Guard cutters with which to respond to Chinese incursions.)


Japan, in close coordination with the United States, is to supply military hardware to the Philippines and Vietnam.

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